Use Yahoo Site Explorer to Check Your Backlinks— Another Way to do eBusiness Monitoring

Using Yahoo Site Explorer is a great way to track your growing backlinks, whether you are getting them by submitting your site to directories, pursuing reciprocal links, or doing article marketing.

If you are interested in bringing traffic to your site, and if you have been browsing the articles on this site, you have learned the importance of getting backlinks to your site. And when you’re working to build your site, it’s important to check these backlinks and keep track of how your site is growing. Yahoo Site Explorer makes ebusiness monitoring easy!

Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to use this tool.

First, you will need to log in to your Yahoo! account. If you don’t have one, then you can set up a new account for free.

When you have logged in to the site, you will see two entry boxes. You’ll want to explore your site, so type your web address into the box that says “Explore URL”. You can actually type in two domain names at a time if you have more than one site. These URLS will be saved under the section titled “My Sites”. This way you don’t have to type your domain name in every time you want to get stats for your site.

Yahoo Site Explorer can give you the following info (excerpted from their help section):

  • All pages that are indexed by Yahoo! within your domain, including subpages.
  • All indexed backlinks to the site
  • Backlinks to subpages that are indexed by Yahoo!
Click “Explore” and you’ll get a list of every page on the site you entered. If you want to explore an individual page, you can do so by clicking the Explore link next to the page on the list. You can also click the tab that says Backlinks and see a list of every site that links to your site.

Ebusiness monitoring is important to the health of your business. So you’ll want to keep a traffic stats log and update it monthly. Enter your page rank and your backlinks in this log also.

Keeping such a log makes it easy to see progress in your site. Even if your traffic isn’t growing right now, it’s important to begin this log now.

This will give you a starting place, and down the road when your traffic does grow, you can look back and have something to compare it to. You can be proud of how far your site has come! Click here for some more ideas on tracking your site’s progress: Ebusiness Monitoring

Use the Site Explorer to Check Your Competition

Another helpful use for Yahoo Site Explorer is to check what your competition is doing. You can see what their page rank and backlinks are, and you might even get some useful new ideas for your own site.

Remember that backlinks will not show up on Yahoo Site Explorer immediately. It takes several months (usually 4) for the search engines to update your backlinks. So keep on persevering with article marketing, getting reciprocal backlinks with sites that have a good page rank, and stay consistent with your article marketing. When you do, you can anticipate those new backlinks soon!

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