Writing Newsletters: Benefits and Tips

Writing newsletters is a great way to connect with your clients and drive traffic to your site. But there’s more to it than that! Let’s take a look at the benefits of writing newsletters . . .

  1. By writing ezines, you easily keep in touch with your clients and prospective customers—ensuring they won’t forget you. Then when they need a product or service you have to offer, you’ll be the first person on their mind.
  2. By getting your site visitors to sign up for a newsletter, you’re getting their permission to sell to them over and over and over. This is key in any Internet marketing business, because it gives you an ‘in’ with your clients and potential customers.
  3. When you have an ezine, you have valuable real estate for advertisers wanting ad space in your ezine, and for writers who want you to publish them.
  4. Ezines will help you attract more and better clients. (You never know when someone will forward your ezine to a friend, who will forward it to his or her friend…and so on.)
  5. It gives you a vehicle (ezine list building) for selling your valuable knowledge in the form of info products: ebooks, transcripts or audio downloads of interviews, or e-courses.
  6. Your customers will become more loyal and tell others about you, creating word-of-mouth buzz. And this is the best kind of publicity for any business.
  7. Putting your valuable knowledge into articles that can be re-published is a great way to gain traffic and publicity.
  8. By sending your newsletter digitally, you save lots of money on postage, designing and printing, envelopes, stamps etc. And, your subscribers get their ezines almost instantly…no waiting for the snail mail.
  9. You can attract new invitations for joint ventures, and maybe even prospective business partners.
  10. An ezine will also help you create new profit streams, by selling ad space and suggesting affiliate products.
  11. Writing ezine articles will also help you show your customers what you can do for them—helping you to build trust.

More Tips on Writing Newsletters

    Publish your ezine consistently. Your subscribers will start expecting your ezine to arrive on a certain day, so don’t disappoint!

  1. Put an editor’s note at the beginning of your newsletter to announce sales, discounts and new products. You can also have a ‘Tip of the Month’ section.
  2. Use questions from your readers to compile an FAQ list. Looking through mail from your readers can also give you some good ideas for future topics that your subscribers would be interested in.
  3. Send out a monthly update telling your subscribers about new pages and products on your website. This is a good way to give your traffic a little boost.
  4. During holidays write seasonal articles pertaining to that time of year.
  5. Give the readers a ‘teaser’ for next month’s ezine to keep them interested.
  6. Give links to articles and resources related to the topic of your ezine, or write reviews or relevant books.
  7. Include testimonials from satisfied customers.
  8. Do a reader poll. People will want to read the ezine because they’ll want to see the results of the poll.
  9. Contact a well-known person in your niche and ask them for an interview. Most people will be happy to oblige, because it gives them coverage and promotion for their own business. It’s a win –win situation.

Think about who your audience is. What would they want from you?

If you’re wondering why you should bother writing ezines and give away so much of your time and info for free, think of it this way; your ezine isn’t really free. Your visitors have trusted you enough to give you their email and name, and it costs them time to read your publications. Besides, it’s worth it for the coverage and visitors you’ll get.

Writing newsletters will generate lots of interest and new business; so take your time and make your ezines interesting and high quality.

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