Get Your Business Started the Right Way With Online Legal Documents!

Creating online legal documents that support your venture is an important task. These documents are necessary when you incorporate, form an LLC or register a trademark. You’ll want to do it right the first time in order to protect your assets.

Create a Corporation

When it comes to drafting online legal documents, I recommend an online service founded by attorneys. They can set up a corporation in the state of your choice and provide a registered agent for you in that state. This can help you avoid mistakes and save you a great deal in legal costs.

Formalities of a corporation include filling Articles of Incorporation, issuance of stock shares, annual meetings, and in the case of an S Corp, the Sub-chapter S election. You’ll need to maintain these formalities, and if you establish your corporation in a foreign state (one that you don’t reside in), it’s important to make sure that everything is done correctly, according to the state where the business is formed.

Another consideration when creating online legal documents is to safeguard your corporate standing by keeping timely company records. If you fail to do so, you are jeopardizing your company’s liability protection, tax advantages and other corporate advantages.

Consider drafting legal documents, such as your corporate minutes, with Legal Zoom. Their Minutes Manager makes it easy to create up-to-date corporate records for key company activities. This includes:

  • New company bank accounts
  • Employee compensation increases
  • Annual director and shareholder meetings

All you have to do is point, click, and fill in the details. This enables them to prepare your customized Corporate Minutes, which they will e-mail to you in a Microsoft Word format.

Drafting legal documents can’t get any easier than this!

Create an LLC

An LLC requires documentation also, including filling Articles of Organization, and the creation of an LLC Management Operation Agreement. Without drafting the latter document, your assets are not protected. Many business owners don't know this, and stop at filing the Articles of Organization.

Create a Trademark

When considering legal documents, don’t forget your trademark. According to those acquainted with the law, “a trademark is the one of the most important business assets you'll ever own. It's your name, your logo, or any other symbol that distinguishes your company or products in the marketplace.” Registering this trademark stops others from using your business identity to market their own products, which can confuse your customers and damage your brand. When you are thinking about important documents, don’t forget the importance of registering your trademark—something else Legal Zoom can do for you!

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