Increase Online Conversion: Maximize Sales in Your Online Store

When you have an online store, the online conversion you want (aka your most wanted response) is a sale. Your store exists for that purpose.

There are several ways to increase conversions, and they include these considerations:

Put Website Traffic Stats to Good Use

A good place to start with online conversion is through a good sales analysis program. This enables you to improve your weak points for better sales. You can find out what keywords are drawing customers to your store. Then, add more products related to those keywords, and you will draw more traffic, and thus more sales.

These sales analysis programs tend to cause a division between stores. Sites that put the features of their analysis program to good use are often more successful; but sites that don’t get all they can from the program often fail or are less successful in the long run.

Make Website Shopping Secure

With Internet selling, security is essential when you use a shopping cart on your site, as people will be dealing with their money and personal information. Make sure that your shopping cart application is hacker safe and that the data transacted cannot be misused.

You will need a merchant account with your bank, which will allow you to receive payments from your customers’ credit card numbers. Getting your business set up with a merchant account can be pricey; most banks charge a fee for setting up the account, plus a monthly fee and a percentage of each sale. So even if you have few customers and only make 5-10 sales in a week, you will have to pay the same high fees as a website with 1,000s of customers and 500 sales per week.

Are there any alternative options? Fortunately, yes! You can sign up for a merchant account with PayPal. PayPal’s merchant accounts do not charge any fees for set up, and it is a reputable online company used by many businesses and online shopping sites, including eBay.

Whatever shopping cart program you decide to use, it must support different payment methods and credit card types, as well as being error-free so customers don’t have problems when processing their credit cards. When you make it easy for customers to make a purchase, your online conversions go up.

Your shopping cart page should look professional and load quickly. The store and shopping cart pages should also be Search Engine Optimized, so that people can find your store through Google or another search engine when they’re looking for products online. This is important, since many of your customers will come from the search engines.

Offer a Guarantee

A simple guarantee is powerful. Of course you have to live up to the promises you offer in the guarantee. Also, show testimonials from your satisfied customers (with their permission).

Provide Live Help

Live help is a good way to connect with your customers and increase online conversion; this can be done either by phone or online chatting. Live help builds trust and your own personal ‘brand.’

Make sure that you are easily accessible to your clients—either by phone, fax, email, or snail mail. Put your contact information in an easily visible location so that customers don’t have to hunt for it. You could build a special ‘Contact’ page, or include this info on an ‘About Me’ page.

If you follow these tips, you will maximize your success quotient as you become an expert in Internet selling and online conversion.

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