Increase Online Conversion: Maximize Sales of Your Affiliate Site

When you evaluate affiliate marketing programs, see how effectively each one stimulates online conversion. . . in other words, will they help you make sales! Visit the sales site of each merchant, and use these tips to help you make an evaluation.

The Program’s Site Should Have a Headline That Tells Visitors How the Product Will Solve a Problem

Your merchant’s site should have a headline that promotes online conversion. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes for a minute and read the merchant’s headline. Does it:

  • Grab your attention?
  • Does it sound reasonable enough that it makes you want to read more?
It has to grab your visitor’s attention and sound reasonable to them or else you’ll be wasting your time. Headlines will literally make or break your success when you try to earn money online. Look at top sales sites on Clickbank and see what their headlines look like.

The Program’s Site Should Have a Follow-Up

If you send 20 visitors to the affiliate marketing programs’ site, and they convert 4 of those people into customers, you are cheated out of making sales from the other 16 visitors…unless the affiliate site has a follow-up program. Cookies will tell the program’s site that those 16 visitors came from your website, and then the company will know that you should get the commission if that person buys a few days down the road.

Sites that try to get visitors to sign up on the homepage (with a freebie newsletter), often do better than sites that don’t do this. After someone signs up, they should receive an autoresponder email that offers them a free eCourse, helpful hints, a free eBook, or links to related topics on the website. These emails increase the chances that the person will return to the site and purchase a product or service later.

More Tips about How a Merchant’s Site Can Increase Conversion . . .

Personalization helps By adding a signature, photo, or personal greeting, the merchant can personalize the site or email and make it more friendly and inviting to visitors, which will help with your conversion rate.

Pictures help too A good photograph of the product you are selling will go a long way toward convincing visitors to buy the product. Remember, “A picture is worth a thousand words!”

Get some testimonials Sites that have testimonials tend to do better than sites that do not have testimonials. All types of testimonials will help with your conversion rate.

Evidence Does your merchant show your visitors that the product actually works? Does he put up a video of the product in use, screen shots, or lots of photos of someone using the product. If it’s a book or eCourse about how to earn money working online, showing an account summary or paycheck can be convincing to visitors as well.

Finally, it also helps online conversion if the site lists benefits throughout the sales page. Benefits differ from features in that they answer “so what” . . . why or how the product makes a difference. For example, you don’t buy a shovel based on the kind of material it is made of (feature); you buy it because it helps you dig a hole (benefit).

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