Internet Business Ideas: Choose a Successful Internet Business Model or Combine Them so They Fit for You

In this article you'll learn about 6 proven Internet business ideas. They are listed among the top Internet businesses. Choosing a specific Internet business model or hybrid that’s a good fit is your personal decision. Next to picking a site theme that's in demand, it will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your online business.

Start by exploring these Internet business Ideas. Do you want to sell physical goods? Promote other people’s goods? Develop and sell information products? Do network marketing online? Promote your own services or local store? Each model has its strengths and challenges, and this article was written to help you think about your choices so you end up selecting the one that best fits your interests, needs, talents and skills.

Let’s investigate each one.

Advertising Revenue Model

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate websites provide one of the easiest ways for newcomers to jump into the world of Internet marketing.

Among the Internet business ideas, this model depends on offering quality content on a single theme that is in high demand—one without too much competition. For example, it could be a site about preventing cancer recurrence when you're in remission; or investing and trading; or relationships for boomers.

An affiliate site, also known as a content site or niche site, brings in money by exposing visitors to information about products and services relative to the content of the site. The visitor receives free, quality information in exchange for being exposed to advertising . . . much like TV or magazines do. Whenever they purchase one of these products or services through a link on your site, you get a commission.

Because you help promote other people’s products and services, you will be more actively involved in the sales process through your value added writing. You’ll also want to become savvy in choosing affiliate marketing programs that will be profitable for you.

For your effort, you can enjoy a healthy income that grows as you keep adding content pages—up to a suggested minimum of 50 pages . . . but 100 or more is better. Of all the models, this one requires a lot of writing . . . but not the kind you think. Your tone will be friendly and conversational . . . like you are talking one-on-one with a friend. Because you ARE talking one-one-one . . . and this person has come to your site because she has a specific need for information. If you consistently provide valuable content, you are building repeat visits by building trust. This will lead to a win/win . . . for your visitor AND you!

As stated, the affiliate model is one of the easiest ones for beginners. Why? Because, unlike other business models. there is nothing to ship, and there are no customers to deal with . . . unless, of course, you go to bat for someone who is dissatisfied with a product or service you promote. In such a case, you would contact the merchant on the customer’s behalf . . . a way to build good will.

Finally, it helps if you have knowledge in your subject matter . . . or at the very least a strong interest in it. This will make it easier to do the requisite research and writing. But it's worth it . . . because this site rewards you with low overhead, freedom and passive income over time.

Sales and Profits Revenue Model

Internet Auctions

Selling physical goods through Internet auctions has its origin in brick and mortar stores. Perhaps the most famous and successful trailblazers to start selling products in digital stores are eBay and Amazon. Today there are many other success stories of online stores—from sites that sell airline tickets to niche stores selling handbags.

Of all the Internet business ideas, an online store can require a significant investment of time and sometimes capital if you don’t know what you are doing. That’s why, when you are starting out, it’s easier to go through a shopping portal like eBay, as well as through a wholesale drop shipper, in order to reduce labor and costs.

Finding a good drop shipper can be challenging, as is finding a profitable niche. So it's important that you do thorough research before you launch your store. But, in comparing the Internet business ideas, some say an online store can have the highest income potential. So it's well worth the effort if resonates with you. Besides, it can be a lot of fun!

Online Business Promotion of an Existising Business

Another option you have when it comes to Internet business ideas is to promote your established services, your proprietary online store, or your local store online.

You can set up a site where you tell about your service business — be it life coaching, web design, accounting, financial planning, hypnosis, etc. Or you might have a local service business such as plumbing, chiropractic, real estate, etc. Many owners of such businesses put up what is known as a portfolio site—much like a business card on the web, and leave it at that. Few are taking advantage of the opportunity to build a site that is much more strategic—one that pulls in traffic and converts visitors in to clients or customers by encouraging them to pick up the phone and call you.

You can also use your site to sell hard goods by setting up and promoting an online store similar to an Internet auction . . . but instead of going through a shopping portal, you set up and maintain your store through a host. Or you can have your local brick-and-mortar store go global by promoting it online.

With an online store, you can either sell your own products . . . ones you produce, or you can be the aggregator of products and promote products from reputable wholesale drop shippers. In both cases, you will need to find a good hosting service that caters to online stores, and a good shopping cart.

Either way, the purpose of your site is to generate leads or to turn prospects into customers. So conversion will be important.

Online MLM Business

Building an online MLM business can be your path to financial freedom, and it’s a much easier way to do network marketing!

While online network marketing is more complicated in some ways, there are also many benefits to building an online MLM business. One big one is eliminating the need for pressuring friends or making cold calls to strangers!

Network marketing is an ideal Internet business idea, as most people will have an easier time making money with an online MLM business than they do with an offline business. This is because the Internet is worldwide rather than just local.

Before you join any network marketing company, you must realize that not all network marketing companies are alike. To find the best online MLM business, you’ll need to do your homework. Make sure the company belongs to a growth industry, has consumable products and sales and marketing tools, belongs to a growth industry, has leaders with good management skills, is financially stable and well financed, and provides step-by-step training. Also make sure it doesn’t make you pester friends and family members in order to make sales.

Because MLM compensation plans are the lifeblood of any network marketing business, it’s important that you educate yourself about the several different structures for these compensation plans.

Also, you’ll need to arm yourself with some strategies for doing network marketing online. This can be as simple as learning how to make use of the social networking websites, doing traffic exchanges, and making use of signature files at the end of your auto responder messages.

Finally, when you build your MLM business online, know you’ll need presence, consistency, and persistence . . . just like you will when you pursue any of the other Internet business ideas!

Ebook Pulbishing - Infopreneur Internet Business Model

While still mulling Internet business ideas, if you want one that works on autopilot, can have low overhead, and can be lots of fun, this we suggest considering Ebook publishing aka being an infopreneur. While you’ll have to work hard at the beginning, it can earn quite a bit of money for the amount of effort it requires . . . especially if you put energy into promoting your own eBook or other information products; and if you find super affiliates, and pay them a fair commission to do the same.

Unlike other models, we suggest you don’t have to be a content expert. You can pay for Private Label Rights to sell a pre-written eBook that you edit and make your own. (This is a great way to get started selling digital products!) Or, interview an expert, record the interview, transcribe it, and turn it into both a PDF file and audio file. This lets you bundle a package and sell it for more.

The main challenge of this Internet business idea is to find something your audience wants BEFORE you put time and effort into developing it. That’s why you’ll want to do some market research before you get attached to an idea.

Subscription Revenue Model

Membership Sites

The last of the online revenue models this article covers is membership sites. (Coming soon)

Of course, this article on Internet business ideas proposes that any of these models can turn into a hybrid combination--an example being Amazon, who blends affiliate marketing (aka content site) with its own online store.

Now that that you know which are the top Internet businesses, you know your options. If one resonates with you, and you hear that loud internal "Yes!," you have taken the first step towards your online adventure.

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