Free Market Research Helps You Identify What Your Market Wants

Free market research lets you in on what people in your market niche are discussing . . . thinking about . . . grappling with. It tells you what they want (Notice I said “want” not “need.” That’s because people often buy from their emotions vs. their logic). You’ll want to do this before you spend your valuable time on building a site.

The following tools will give you a big picture . . . helping you to envision your reader later when you are writing content for your site. As Harvey Mackay says, “To get others to see things your way, you must look through their eyes.” Visiting the following sites can help you do just that!

Free Market Research through Discussion Groups, Blogs, Ezines and Surveys

Google’s forums let you search and see what people are asking and talking about. Google Groups Yahoo! groups do the same. Yahoo Groups

Also, browse questions and answers among Yahoo! users. Yahoo Answers

Technorati, one of the web's top blog directories, lets you in on blog and Ezine research activity by niche market members. There you can view blogs by popularity. Technorati Blogs Directory

And use Advanced Search Google for blogs on your niche topic. Google Blog Search

Also search, by topic, in the most popular ezines. Ezine Hub

And search for ezines in your niche topic in Google. Google Newsletters

You can also check out survey data. See if Google has any survey results from your niche market. Google Survey Results

Or, if you have a mailing list, conduct your own survey to see what your market wants. One Minute Poll

In summary, your aim is to find out what your market wants before you spend time developing a site or product. Market research will help you do just that! This isn’t to say that you can’t engage in paid research, such as a pay-per-click campaign, to gather more market information. But you don’t have to when you are just getting started. And that’s what I call good news!

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