eBusiness Monitoring: Track Article Marketing Effectiveness

eBusiness monitoring can help you keep track of your article marketing campaigns. Are you writing free online articles to drive traffic to your website? Many people get frustrated with article marketing because they can’t see immediate results. If you aren’t seeing results, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you keeping track of the results?
  • What results do you want?
  • How long have you been writing articles?
  • How many articles have you written?
Ebusiness monitoring can help you keep track of your results so they become clear to you.

Here are some e business marketing strategies to consider before you start article marketing.

Keep Track of Traffic

First things first! You need to take note of your traffic stats. Don’t try to remember this info; create a spreadsheet and input your monthly stats.

Your first month’s stats will provide the benchmark from which you can monitor subsequent growth.

Know Your Page Rank

Google uses page ranks to show how popular a site is. Zero is the lowest page rank, and ten is the highest. You can install the Google toolbar to find out what your page rank is: http://www.toolbar.google.com

Check Your Backlinks

Before you even start article marketing, you should know how many backlinks your site has. These are incoming links to your site or web pages from other sites. You can check on how many you have by doing a Google search for them at Yahoo’s Site Explorer. Keep track of these backlinks in a spreadsheet—the same way you keep track of your traffic.

Research Your Keyword Rankings

Figuring out your keyword rankings is not as hard as it sounds! Just type one of your keyword phrases into Google and see where your page that has the keyword phrase you are researing is located is on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Don’t worry if you can’t find your site right away; it can take time to get to the top! (Your goal is to be in one of the top 20 spots.)

Be Realistic

Some lucky people get results from article marketing right away. But for most people, article marketing is long-term; and it takes some time, diligence, and consistency—with emphasis on the latter! This is because the Search Engines only update their ranks every three or four months.

So it will take at least that long for Google to see the increase in inbound links to your site.

Make sure you diversify; don’t give all your attention to one area of ebusiness monitoring and leave out the others. This is essential if you want to succeed, since Search Engines are always changing and growing.

Keep at it and your eBusiness monitoring will pay off!

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