Earn Money Online: How Local Businesses can Leverage Opportunities

Are you building a website for your local offline business to earn money online? When you work to monetize site, keep in mind that monetizing a site for a local offline business is different from monetizing an affiliate site.

One of the big differences between online and offline businesses is that with the latter, your business is already well established.

The locals know and trust you and use your services regularly . . . so you already have some pre-sold customers, which will make it a little easier for you to earn money online.

If you’re trying to earn money online for your local offline business, your focus will not be on affiliate programs or ads, but rather on pre-selling services to local customers. You want people to visit your site and then visit your store or order your services.

Since you already have a lot of pre-selling, you can monetize the site a lot sooner than affiliates can.

Using the Internet is an excellent way for your customers to get to know you and become familiar with you and your services. Use lots of photos on your site . . . haven’t you heard the old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Having plenty of photos can also help you get found through image searches. Remember that first impressions are everything! An attractive, professional-looking website will attract visitors and keep their attention. Plan the way you display your information so that it’s all easily accessible.

You can also use the business center at Google Maps to make a free listing that contains your hours of operation, coupons, and your contact info.

Submitting your website to local and global business directories and maybe even the local newspaper will also draw attention to your small business Internet marketing site.

When you interact with people offline, use those relationships to drive visitors to your small business Internet marketing website. Mentioning your website in conversations (wherever it fits in), will get you some publicity via word-of-mouth.

Don’t think locally only, though—think global too! Try to think of products or services that you currently offer to locals that might be of use to others who are not in your vicinity.

Offer a Helping Hand- for example, Barbara is a career coach and she offers free online coaching so potential customers can

try her service. Being friendly and super helpful makes you more likeable to prospective customers and it increases the likelihood that they will trust you. You can even extend your ‘helping hand’ beyond your business and volunteer to help out in your community.

Continuously adding new content to your site will also be a big step toward helping you earn money online.

Use Autoresponders and Email-Keep in touch with both your past clients and your current clients by using emails and autoresponders. This can be a newsletter or another form of correspondence. By doing this, you remind your customers of their experiences with you and they may want to do business again.

Promote Your Site-Promote your site in any way you can! Put the URL of your small business Internet marketing website on all your business cards, fliers, etc. Make that link go directly to your contact form so that you can potentially get the visitors’ email address in order to follow-up with them later. Take advantage of different promotional methods, both paid and free, which will get you more traffic . . . helping you earn money online. Check out Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, or MSN Adcenter for paid advertising. But a caveat is order . . . be sure to get some training first in how to use these vehicles effectively . . . because if you don’t know what you are doing, it could “eat your lunch!”

You can also give out free products such as CDs or articles. And you can post an ad for your site on Craigslist, in the appropriate section for your state, and post on forums related to your niche.

A good blend of promotional techniques, quality content, accessibility, attractive looks, and good navigation will strengthen trust and likability for your business. All this helps you pre-sell and earn money online!

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