How to Write an E Commerce Article for Online Business Promotion and Driving Traffic

How do you write an e commerce article in order to build traffic and do online business promotion? That’s a great question, because it is one of the key e business marketing strategies!

If you own an online store, it would be defined as a product-based website—one that you use to sell merchandise. For example, let’s say your site sells home décor items—a product-based business. Likewise, sites selling clothing, handbags, electronics, or gourmet food would also be product-based.

People with product-based sites have a few extra challenges when they want to write articles for traffic. Why? You are probably thinking that if you have a site that sells ABC Home Décor, you would write an article promoting the company. But it doesn’t work that way.

When you write an article about your subject matter, it’s somewhat of a balancing act. You have to balance:

  • Valuable content for your readers
  • What the publishers want
  • Benefits for your business
You might write 20 articles promoting the ABC Home Décor Company, and submit them to 50 publishers. But that doesn’t work, because most online e commerce article publishers will only publish educational articles (non-promotional articles).

You are probably wondering what you can write about if you can’t promote your product. Using our example of the ABC Home Décor company,

the following ideas will help:

  • Caring for Your Home Décor
  • Low-Budget Home Decorating
  • Personalizing Your Home Décor
The topics for you to write about are nearly unlimited; just use your imagination! You have to avoid acting like a salesperson and act like a home décor expert! Acting like an expert and not a salesperson will give you huge benefits. After you try it, you’ll probably never again want to write a promotional article.

In general, people don’t like to read things that look like advertisements; it can make them defensive and standoffish, especially if you are doing a lot of sales pitching.

Writing as an expert is subtle, but much more effective and friendly to both your readers and your publishers.

So how do you ever benefit from your e commerce article if you can’t promote your product? That’s where your resource box (same as author bio box) comes in! In your resource box you can talk a little bit about your products and give a link to your site. When the reader decides they want more info about home décor after reading your article, they will most likely go to your site.

Another benefit of writing articles is that when people do a Google search for your company name, your articles will most likely appear in the results. And this is more exposure—meaning more customers—translating into more sales for you!

Some Goals for E Commerce Article Writing

  • Increase reader interest
  • Build your inbound links. Writing syndicated articles that others can use on their websites help with this because you will get a backlink when a publisher who likes your article publishes it on their site.
  • Heighten awareness of your products
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your niche

So think creatively and use your imagination—acting in the expert role, vs. salesperson role, when you write an e commerce article! When you master this, you have mastered one of the key e business marketing strategies.

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