About Me

Hi! I’m Batiyah Lampl. I’ve created this site is for Internet entrepreneurs who want to create livelihood, fulfillment and dignity when starting an online business. I’m here to help you navigate the journey safely by presenting you with options and education.

I have worked with individuals in the business world for many years--starting out as a corporate trainer, business consultant to entrepreneurs, and organizational development consultant. I more recently did career coaching, and have seen people struggle to find work during this recession. One way to deal with this challenge is to become self-sufficient and entrepreneurial. This realization sent me on a quest to look for business opportunities and share them with you.

I began studying Internet marketing strategies from the best minds in the industry about five years ago, and it has become a passion that I love applying and sharing.

I know that you want knowledge that can help you change your life for the better. It is my intention to provide that!

If you are new to starting an online business, two of the obstacles you face is how to build a successful business and how to master the technology that is required. While you may have mastered a profession, a hobby, a service business, or owning and operating a local business, the idea of building a successful online business without any Internet background or technical knowledge can seem quite formidable. I know it was to me! But I have found that it doesn't need to be a stumbling block.

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