Use Website Marketing Strategies to Abolish Costly Trial And Error

Website marketing strategies will show you how the web is won. With all the information out there, it’s easy to feel like you are in a Sushi bar for the first time. How do you know what to order if you don’t know what you are ordering? This site exists to make these choices clear, easy and fun.

When you set out to make money on Internet with limited resources, you have less margin for error. You need straightforward answers to your pressing questions.

One of the best ways to move through any puzzlement about website marketing is to define the stage of your Internet business. Each stage comes with its own challenges. By defining the stage you can choose the right website marketing strategies—ones that solve your challenges. While this site focuses mostly on starting an Internet business, there is something here for you if you are more experienced.

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Website Marketing Strategies Help New Businesses Make Money Working Online

If you are starting an Internet business, it’s easy to feel confusion along with a healthy dose of skepticism—especially when you read all the get-rich-quick schemes out there. You know there are risks and negatives online. But you can avoid costly trial and error, and create not only abundance, but dignity and fulfillment with your venture. Employ successful website marketing strategies from the get-go. Our site exists to help you navigate this process and understand what’s required on your journey.

Make Money on Internet

If you are starting your venture because you’ve been caught up in the turbulence of a changing economic climate, you are not alone. Numerous unemployed, underemployed, pre-retirees and retirees are looking for Internet business ideas—from doing Internet auctions, to starting an online MLM business, to becoming an infopreneur (aka online publishing), to asking “What is affiliate marketing?” You may even have an existing service business or a local store and want to learn how to market it online with the right ecommerce marketing strategy.

As you plan your site, your decisions will depend on your strengths, what you enjoy, and how much time you have. Your answers dictate the type of site you put up. And for fun and insight, you may want to start your journey by seeing if you have the characteristics of an entrepreneur. If you find you have the "right stuff" for the most part, but are lacking a key ingredient, then one of your website marketing strategies could be to find a partner or a virtual assistant to fill in this gap.

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Website Marketing Strategies for an Existing Site

If you have an existing web site that isn’t producing results—that isn’t helping you make money on Internet— it’s time to turn this around with the right website marketing strategies. What will make the biggest difference? It could be revisiting how you monetize your site. Or it could be changing how you go about free site promotion, or changing the activities you select to increase web traffic, or learning ways to improve your online conversion rate. The point is, you want to employ the right ecommerce marketing strategy—the one that will help you overcome your biggest challenge.

Why Now is a Good Time to Make Money on Internet

While there are scary parallels between the height of the Great Depression (1930-1933) and now, there are opportunities to build financial security. Have you ever wondered what worked then? Well, I did! So I did a little research to find out . . . and the winners? . . . Ta Da! (Drum roll please!) . . . new or young industries . . . including movies, radio, and air travel.

Because it was a communication medium, radio jumped out at me. So I researched it further. I found out that Michael Faraday, as early as 1831, began a series of experiments that lead to the discovery of electromagnetic induction. Radio made its first weak transmission in 1900, and the first radio station came into being in 1920. But it came into its own during the depression. FDR’s Fireside Chats are a case in point— the first one being delivered March 12, 1933 on the bank crisis, and the last one June 12, 1944 on opening the fifth war loan drive.

Wonder what is comparable to radio today? Look at . . .

  • What industry is still comparatively young?
  • What can be entered with little capital?


The answer can be found in futurist, David Pearce Snyder’s “High Tech, No Tech and Career Tech” report (March 10, 2006). In this paper he says:

”We are in a revolution. It’s just that techno-economic revolutions take a lot longer than political revolutions. In fact . . .

  • “New technologies typically take about half a century to mature to the stage that they become cheap, reliable and easy to use . . .
  • “Ultimately, after a technology has been around 50 years or so, it finally matures to the point that it become HYPER-productive, causing a general improvement in economic performance, with a rising tide of prosperity for most – if not all.
  • “The computer— the basic technology of the Information Revolution—turned 50 in 1996. Simultaneously—and more importantly—the addition of color, graphics, sound and data transmission transformed the Internet text message system into an infrastructure—or infostructure’— for the computer, and THE crucial enabler of the information economy.”
He continues, “These indicators suggest that we have entered the hyper-productive years of the information revolution, which should last a quarter century or more.”

In short, this is a great time to become an Internet entrepreneur!

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Website Marketing Strategies and the Internet Entrepreneur

In today’s economic climate you are faced with a choice—to either be a victim of circumstance, or a courageous pioneer who sets out to forge a new identity. With an online business, you create something from nothing. And in doing so you are modeling resourcefulness and fortitude to your children and grandchildren. What a legacy!

Your have chosen to take the hero’s journey with your online business. Why heroic? Because you quickly discover that it is a testing ground played out in measurable movements of time, knowledge and capital. You forge your venture because you know it can be done with little capital, it affords you the pleasant opportunity of working from home, and you can create passive income from your efforts . . . all enhanced with website marketing strategies.

As an owner of an Internet business, your journey will be much like the pioneers who traveled west by covered wagon. The wheels kept falling off, but they kept putting them back on and persevered. That is how the West was won!

Allow us to show you how to keep the wheels from falling off of your new venture as you start to earn money online. By utilizing the website marketing strategies you learn on this site, you speed up your learning curve, knowledgeably select only activities that matter, and remain laser focused and productive. This can help you succeed more quickly when time matters. This is how the web is won!

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